We are well experienced in dealing with the following materials

  1. Titanium and nickel seamless pipe/tube
  2. Titanium and nickel welded pipe/tube
  3. Titanium and nickel pipeline.
  4. Titanium and nickel pipe fittings (piping and tubing). For example: flanges, elbows, stub-end, tee/cross, cap, reducer, etc.
  5. Fasteners and special parts. For example: bolt, nut, threaded rod, screw, gasket, bicycle parts, etc.
  6. Clad materials. For example: Titanium/Steel clad plate, Nickel/Steel clad plate, Stainless Steel/Steel clad plate, Aluminum/Copper clad plate, Tantalum/Steel clad plate, Zirconium/Steel clad plate, Titanium/Copper clad plate, Titanium/Nickel clad plate, Nickel/Stainless Steel clad plate, Ti/Cu/Ti clad plate, Al/Cu/Al clad plate, etc.
  7. Titanium and nickel products in she shapes of  plate/sheet、tube/pipe、bars/rods、wire、rings、forgings、target, anode, etc.
  8. Other nonferrous metal like ZirconiumTantalumTungstenMolybdenumNiobium