• Materials:Titanium, SS, Steel, Nickel, Cu, Al, Ni, Zr, Ta,  Cs, etc.

  • Craft: Explosive cladding, Explosive-roll cladding, Direct rolling


Clad components, particularly titanium clad, are increasingly used in industry, because of their resistance to chemical attack and of their mechanical properties.

1.Craft, process


Product Clad Metal (“CM”) Base Metal (“BM”) Dimension(mm) Standards Applied Industry
Ti/Steel Titanium (Gr.2, Gr.3, Gr.7,Gr.12 etc) Carbon Steel & its forging (CM TK)1-20/(BM TK)2-200*W3000*L6000 GB8547-2006
JIS G3603
Petrochemical, Vacuum Salt, Chlor-alkali Industry, Power-station FGD, Hydrometallurgy, Electroplating, etc.
Ti/Stainless steel(SS) Titanium (Gr.2, Gr.3, Gr.7,Gr.12 etc) SS & its forging (CM TK)1-20/(BM TK)2-200*W3000*L6000 GB8546-2007
Petrochemical, Chlor-alkali Industry, Aerospace Engineering, Cryogenic Engineering, Food Industry, Pharmacy, etc.
Ti/Cu Titanium (Gr.2, Gr.3, Gr.7,Gr.12 etc) C11000, C12100, C26800, etc. (CM TK)1-20/(BM TK)2-100*W2000*L4000 Q/XB1506-94
Electric Power, Electrolysis industry, Kitchen, Hydrometallurgy,Etc.
Ti/Al Titanium (Gr.2, Gr.3, Gr.7,Gr.12 etc) 1199, 1050, 2124, 4130 (CM TK)1-20/(BM TK)2-50*W1500*L4000 Agreement Aerospace, Kitchen, Chemical Industry, Naval vessels, Special solder, etc.
Ti/Ni Titanium (Gr.2, Gr.3, Gr.7,Gr.12 etc) N02201 N02200 & Nickel Alloy (CM TK)1-20/(BM TK)2-50*W2000*L4000 Agreement Hydrometallurgy
Ferritic SS/CS 410, 0Cr13,0Cr13Al CS & its forging (CM TK) 1-20/(BM TK)2-200*W4000*L8000 GB8165-97
JIS G3601-92
Petrochemical, Chemical Industry, Vacuum Salt, Chemical Fertilizer, Sugar Industry, Paper Industry, Hydrometallurgy, Hydraulic Industry, Power-station, etc.
Austenitic SS/CS 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321,
High- Strength SS/CS 185,304N,2205,135, etc.
Cu/Cs C11000, C12100, C26800, CS & its forging
(CM)0.5-50/(BM)0.5-200W1500*L6000 GB13328-91
JIS G3604-92
Chemical Industry, Automotive Industry, etc.
Cu/SS C11000, C12100, C26800, etc. SS & its forging (CM)0.5-50/(BM)0.5-200*W1500*L6000 Agreement
JIS G3604-92
Kitchen, Power-station, Building Materials, Industry, etc.
Al/Cu 1199, 1050, 2124, 413.0 etc. C11000, C12100, C26800, (CM)0.5-100/(BM)0.5-100*W1500*L4000 Agreement
Power-station, Electronics Field, etc.
Al/CS 1199, 1050,2124, 413.0.
CS & its forging
Q235,20R,20g, 6Mn,16MnR;
(CM)0.5-30/(BM)0.5-200*W1500*L4000 Agreement
Alumina Industry, Chemical Fertilizer, Transition Joint, Warships, Aerospace Engineering, Cryogenic Engineering, Instruments, etc.
Al/SS 1199, 1050,2124, 413.0.
SS & its forging (CM)0.5-30/(BM)0.5-200*W1500*L4000 Agreement
Automotive Industry, Vacuum Salt, Sea Salt Industry, Electric Power Industry, Paper Industry, Paint, Radio Industry, Warship, Light Industry, Resistant Bush, etc.
Ni/CS N02201 N02200 & Nickel Alloy
N2, N4, N6及合金
CS & its forging (CM) 1-20/(BM)2-200*W3000*L6000 ASTM A265
JIS G3602-92
Chlor-alkali Industry, Petrochemical, Paper Industry, etc.
Ni/SS N02201 N02200 & Nickel Alloy SS & its forging (CM) 1-20/(BM)2-200*W3000*L6000 Agreement
JIS G3602-92
Chlor-alkali Industry, Petrochemical, Paper Industry, etc.
Ag/CS Ag & its alloy CS (CM)0.5-5/(BM)1-50*W1000*L2000 Agreement Electrical Equipment, House Appliance, Electronic Industry, Instrumentation, etc.
Ag/Cu Ag & its alloy C11000, C12100, C26800,
Au/Ag Au & its alloy Ag & its alloy
Zr/CS Zr & its alloy CS & its forging (CM)1-5/(BM)8-200*W1500*L4000 Agreement Chemical Industry, Acetic Acid Projects, etc.
Zr/SS Zr & its alloy SS & its forging (CM)1-5/(BM)8-200*W1500*L4000 Agreement Chemical Industry, Acetic Acid Projects, etc.
Ta/CS Ta & its alloy CS & its forging (CM)1-5/(BM)10-200*W1500*L2000 Agreement Chemical Industry, Acetic Acid Projects, etc.
Ta/SS Ta & its alloy SS & its forging (CM)1-5/(BM)10-200*W1500*L2000 Agreement Chemical Industry, Acetic Acid Projects, etc.

Multilayer Clad Plate

Multilayer Clad Plate Inside Metal (IM) Outside Metal (OM) Dim. Range (mm) Standards Applied Industry
Ti/CS/Ti CS & its forging Gr.2, Gr.3, Gr.7,Gr.12 (OMK)1-10/(IM)1-200/(OM)1-10*~ Agreement Petrochemical, Chemical Industry, Pharmacy, etc.
Cu/Ti/Cu Gr.2, Gr.3, Gr.7,Gr.12 C11000, C12100, C26800 (OM)0.5-10/(IM)1-10/(OM)0.5-10*~ Agreement
Ti/CS/SS CS & its forging Gr.2, Gr.3,Gr.7,Gr.12 SS & its forging (OM)1-10/(IM)1-200/(OM)1-10*2500*4000 Agreement
SS/CS/SS CS & its forging SS & its forging (OM) 1-20/(IM)10-200/(OM)1-20
Al/Ti/CS Gr.2, Gr.3, Gr.7,Gr.12 1199, 1050,2124, 413.0/ CS & its forging (OM)1-20/(IM)1-5/(OM)8-200*1500*4000 Agreement
Cu/Al/Cu 1199, 1050, 2124, 413.0 etc. C11000, C12100, C26800, (OM)0.5-20/(IM)0.5-100/(OM)0.5-20*~ Agreement
Al/Ti/Cu Gr.2, Gr.3, Gr.7,Gr.12 1199,1050,2124, 413.0
./C11000,C12100, C26800,
(OM)1-10/(IM)1-5/(OM)1-100*~ Agreement